My Three Platform Pillars

1. Our Economy: Top to Bottom

Government is a mechanism by which we organize the work we all do together in our society. The economy is obviously the sum of everyone working to make a living. WI is fortunate to have an extremely diverse economy, and some very important strategic advantages including our state's tremendous beauty. Because our rural population is not growing, we urgently need every sector of the economy to be at full strength. We need to address the farm crisis, get Milwaukee running on all cylinders, return WI to national leadership in hemp production, and build out the I-94 corridor. 

2. The Practice of Democracy

This is election time, and not to sound preachy but every American adult shares the same basic responsibilities to be informed, and make up his/her mind. We're all stewards of the Great American Experiment and we need to do everything we can to make our government as representative and participative as it can possibly be. The anti-Walker Democrat approach hasn't worked in part because people want candidates and ideas to vote for -- not against. 

3. At the Intersection: Education

Education is our most important economic driver. Employers across are having a hard time filling jobs, so we're spending $ millions on out of state job recruitment ads. But WI ranks last in the US achievement gap rankings. And our NAEP scores have dropped from 3rd place nationally to 34th over the past 20 years. This means scores of thousands of WI students and adults can't read and write well enough to participate. Improving our education outcomes for every student will be one of my top priorities!