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Let's Make Wisconsin a Great Place for Everybody!

We Need to Chart Our Course for the Future

Wisconsin is at a crossroads. Where will we be 20 years from now, in terms of our quality of life, cost of living, and ability to compete with other states? The decisions we're making now will have a tremendous impact on our long term future. But our state leaders aren’t setting challenging long term goals. Instead, they're fighting over short-term political objectives, and dismantling the principles and institutions that came out of the Progressive Republican movement. In contrast, other states like MN are outperforming WI on every measure. 

Why I'm Running as a Moderate

This is a transformative time for Republicans. I don't believe the  incumbent's agenda reflects the views of most Republicans, nor will he be able to hold back the Democrats vying to become our next Governor. Given our $1B debt, I also don't think a commitment to deficit spending and to serving only the wealthy reflects our Party's long-time values and beliefs. The Republican way is to always be fiscally responsible. Our state has an extremely diverse economy with multiple growth sectors. We urgently need an experienced business development leader at the helm. 

Let's Rethink the Purpose of Government

The business of government is to serve the people and it requires a strong CEO. As we learned from Act 10, machine politics are shortsighted. I'll lead WI to move on from this divisiveness and get our state government back to providing the most people with the greatest opportunities. The Republican Progressives wrested control away from a corporatocracy and championed social justice, jobs, equality and the Wisconsin Idea. That's our heritage and I find it inspiring!

Wisconsin Has So Much To Offer!

Let's Address Our Biggest Challenge

It should be obvious to every Republican that Madison is our biggest problem. Pitting upstate interests and perceptions against SE WI has been unhelpful. Same thing with one sided deals, and swinging for the fence. Government negativity is literally impeding the development of a promising and vibrant tech sector. Partisan politics have bogged us down. Let's move on from this. I won't be negative or attack anyone personally. We simply need to all work as a team and I applaud the legislators who are working across the aisle to make positive things happen for people in every part of the state! 

We'll Set Ambitious Goals -- Together

During my campaign I will host a series of town hall meetings with leaders from every facet of Wisconsin life. Together, we'll set ambitious goals that we'll have to ALL work together to accomplish. For example, I think our K12 outcomes should be top quartile nationally. To do that we'll need to support our educators with sufficient funding, and stop fighting over governance. WI also has the unique opportunity to become the leading technology state in the Midwest. While we're at it, let's help Milwaukee become the renaissance city of the upper Midwest that it has always had the potential to become.

Let's Focus on Outcomes

In order to improve our outcomes and compete with the best, we need to run Wisconsin like one of our nationally successful sports teams for which we have high standards and expectations. Just image if the Packers were in last place every year. That wouldn't be acceptable! So why is mediocrity in our educational outcomes and fiscal management and our last place standing in startup job creation OK? These are obvious areas for improvement. Our successful teams have coaches who instill teamwork, focus on outcomes and set ambitious goals. Sometimes it's that simple.

Who Signed Up For The $1B Deficit?

Education Is Key

Education is our most important economic driver. But our across the board reading scores rank 25th nationally (NAEP), and manufacturers are having a hard time filling jobs. WI ranks last in the US achievement gap rankings because of the outcomes in a handful of school districts. We need to support our educators to improve outcomes for every student. And the Wisconsin Idea depends on a strong higher education system. Education will be one of my top priorities!

A Strong, Diversified Economy Statewide

I'm an entrepreneur with 30 years of industry experience (and not a career politician) who understands that we need every sector of our state's economy to continually grow and prosper. We need everyone to become better off economically, not just the wealthy. Trumpenomics defies logic and has enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame. It's time to return to proven economic strategies. I'll focus on diversification and innovation in every sector of our state economy. Our most urgent need is the creation of high quality jobs, and higher wages for the lowest income earners. It's all about building the middle class!

The Practice of Democracy

Wisconsin is a lot of places, and our beautiful state has so much to offer! I'm like thousands of people across the state who feel that way but are wondering what on earth is wrong with current American politics. Government is the ultimate team sport. We should be having fun working together to accomplish our most important goals. I look forward to traveling around the state and finding out what my fellow taxpayer citizens think about our wonderful state and how we can all work together to make it the best possible place for everyone. 

Let's Move Forward Wisconsin!

About Me

It's not about me! It's about the next generation of Americans who live here in our uniquely diverse state.

Let's Set the Tone!

I find the ideals of our country inspiring. Let's steward the Great American Experiment together. 


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