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Let's Make Wisconsin a Great Place for Everybody!

We Need to Chart Our Course for the Future

Wisconsin is at a crossroads. Where will we be 20 years from now, in terms of our quality of life, cost of living, and ability to compete with other states? The decisions we're making now (e.g. the 25 year Foxconn agreement subsidy) will have a tremendous impact on our long term future. We need to address our structural fiscal challenges, and make sound investment decisions that reflect the entire state's interests, not just SE WI. Other states like MN are outperforming WI on key measures, while our farmers are in crisis, and WI is $1B behind in education and infrastructure investments. These are key assets that building ongoing wealth.

Why I'm Running as a Fiscal Conservative

This is a transformative election for Republicans. The  incumbent's policies are based on Public Choice Theory Economics which explains our actual state of budget deficit, as well as the state preemptive laws which contradict our Party's long-time value on local control. I believe in an open and fair market system as espoused by Adam Smith. Our state has an extremely diverse economy with multiple growth sectors that are poised to grow. We urgently need an experienced, fiscally responsible leader at the helm. 

We Get to Redefine Republicanism

The business of government is to serve the people with fiscally sound practices, and it requires a strong CEO. I'll lead WI government back to providing the most people with the greatest opportunities. The Republican Progressives wrested control away from a corporatocracy and championed social justice, jobs, equality and the Wisconsin Idea. That's our heritage and I find it inspiring. WI is in a unique position to determine the future of Republicanism. Let's move on from this narrow Libertarian faction worldview and make history together!

Wisconsin Has So Much To Offer!

Let's Address Our Biggest Challenge

The incumbent's extreme agenda is not working. Pitting upstate interests and perceptions against SE WI has been divisive. Jobs and the economy are only strong in some areas. Government negativity has impeded the development of the promising I94 tech sector. WI is in last place in startup capital investments. We need all of our economic sectors to grow if WI will be able to continually invest in our human capital and infrastructure -- throughout Wisconsin.

Let's Set Ambitious Goals -- Together

I'll lead government and industry to set ambitious goals that we'll have to all work together to accomplish. For example, our K12 outcomes should be top quartile nationally. To do that we'll need to support our educators with sufficient funding, and stop fighting over governance. WI has the unique opportunity to become the Midwest technology leader. While we're at it, let's set long term environmental and energy sustainability goals, and help Milwaukee become the renaissance city of the upper Midwest that it has always had the potential to become.

Focus on Outcomes

In order to improve our outcomes and compete with the best, we need to run Wisconsin like one of our nationally successful sports teams for which we have high standards and expectations. Just imagine if the Packers were in last place every year. That wouldn't be acceptable! So why is mediocrity in our educational outcomes and fiscal management and our last place standing in startup job creation OK? These are obvious areas for improvement. Our successful teams have coaches who instill teamwork, focus on outcomes and set ambitious goals. We can do it!

Let's Move Forward Wisconsin!

About Me

It's not about me! It's about the next generation of Americans who live here in our uniquely diverse state.

Let's Set the Tone!

I find the ideals of our country inspiring. Let's steward the Great American Experiment together. 


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