Devil's Advocate Interview

I explain the Foibles of Foxconn in this groundbreaking interview with Dom and Crute see

Talk of the Town Interview

Wisconsin Public Radio

In this interview I address the need to scale vouchers back to the level where they work empirically, and I describe the current Republican party as a Borg see

Fresh Take with Josh Dukelow

Wisconsin Eye

In this interview I describe the important ways our economy is poised to grow see

Here and Now WPT

In this interview I define what progressive really means see


WI League of Women Voters Questionnaire

LWV provides critical fair and equal news coverage

Milwaukee Area Science Advocates Questionnaire

Kenosha News -- Foxconn

Site Content

Candidate Breakdown

Wisconsin Public Television summarizes their series of candidate interviews see (note the image is not a link). 

WCLO Your Talk Show

In my interview with Tim Bremel I take on our state's disastrous whole language reading problem. See