My Top Priorities Are:

Move on From Extreme Libertarianism

This extreme faction of the Republican Party (funded by ultra-wealthy families like the Kochs) did an incredible job over the past decade convincing Republicans who identify with populism that they represent their interests. We've learned that they don't represent anyone's financial interests but their own, and it's time to move on. 

Improve Outcomes for Students Living in Poverty

We urgently need to help teachers improve educational outcomes for students living in poverty in Madison, Milwaukee, Racine and our other cities. DPI's position is that WI educators are incapable of closing our worst in the US achievement gaps and that we need to somehow mediate poverty instead. Our education bureaucrats need to move on from their belief that school readiness is requisite for academic success. If our state's outcomes are the worst, someone else out there must know something we don't. I will work closely with our education leaders to figure out what that is. 

Depersonalize Politics

Yes many of the incumbent's policies and actions have been divisive -- perhaps deliberately so -- but running an anti-Scott Walker agenda didn't work for Mary Burke or Tom Barrett. Voters want to vote positively. We have a wonderful state that continually makes history. There is always so much to vote for, and feel inspired about! Framing the incumbent's agenda for what it is -- an extremely narrow Republican faction -- will help everyone be more informed as they make up their mind about whose platform best represents their interests.

Leverage our Strategic Advantages

Our state has a number of very important economic strategic advantages that we need to leverage. One is the potential of an I-94 development corridor (encompassing Dane, Jefferson, Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties -- and one third of our state's population) to make WI the leading tech leader in the entire Midwest. Another example: WI had by far the best possible location in the US for a Foxconn factory, but the deal wasn't negotiated from a position of strength. Our state urgently needs a governor who understands the economy from the perspective of 30+ years of business development experience in multiple industries. 

Set Long Term Economic Goals

If China can have a 500 year plan, why can't Wisconsin have a 20 year plan? As the next Governor of the State of WI, I will support conversations with legislators and civic and business leaders about our most important short, medium and long term challenges and opportunities. And the foundation of my agenda will always be the fiscal responsibility that enables WI to continually invest for the future in ways that benefit people in every part of the state -- for generations to come.