My Top Priorities Are:

Move on From Public Choice Theory Economics

This extreme faction of the Libertarian Party (funded by ultra-wealthy families like the Kochs) did an incredible job over the past decade convincing Republicans that they represent their interests. We've learned the hard way that they don't represent anyone's financial interests but their own, and it's time to move on.

Improve Education Outcomes

WI used to be a top education state but today our outcomes are bottom quartile nationally (NAEP, 2017).  DPI's position is that WI educators are incapable of closing our worst in the US achievement gaps and that we need to somehow mediate poverty instead. This situation is unacceptable. As an education publisher I will help everyone focus on what works, and stop fighting about school governance and other things that don't matter.

Growing Revenues not Tax Rates

Our economy has great hidden potential in the form of hundreds of thousands of people trapped in under-employment throughout the state. Creating Regional Transportation Authorities, and sufficiently investing in "up-skill" training and human services are examples of investments that will drive revenue into the budget without raising rates or adding fees.

Leverage our Strategic Advantages

We have the once in a lifetime opportunity to establish WI as the leading tech leader in the entire Midwest. Building our I-94 development corridor (Dane, Jefferson, Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties) will depend on a coordinated effort. Our state urgently needs a governor who understands the economy from the perspective of someone like myself who has 30+ years of business development experience in multiple industries. Let's compete to win!

Set Long Term Economic Goals

If China can have a 500 year plan, why can't Wisconsin have a 20 year plan? As the next Governor of the State of WI, I will support conversations with legislators and civic and business leaders about short and longer term fiscal, environmental, educational and industry objectives. This will help us to all start working together again.